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Banking on KC

Jan 29, 2020

Executive Director of the Westport Regional Business League, Kim Kimbrough, joins host Kelly Scanlon for this week’s episode. The pair discuss preserving the spirit of Westport, ensuring locals’ safety and proudly working with the eclectic, authentic mix of all 236 businesses in the district.

Jan 22, 2020

Maria Meyers, Vice Provost & Executive Director of the UMKC Innovation Center and the Founder of Source Link, joins host Kelly Scanlon on this week’s episode of Banking on KC. Meyers speaks of SourceLink’s “darn simple” mission to simply make entrepreneurship easier, creating a connected, collaborative community...

Jan 15, 2020

Author, business owner and entrepreneur John Jantsch joins host Kelly Scanlon on this week’s episode. Jantsch discusses his new book “The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur,” the constant journey of self-improvement and creating a business that not only hopefully generates wealth, but brings people value, and enhances...

Jan 8, 2020

Host Kelly Scanlon welcomes EPC Real Estate Group president, Mike McKeen, on this week’s episode. The pair discuss how EPC is investing in KC communities, modern housing innovation and how an ancient Scandinavian religious right endures to help celebrate the completion of a job well done.