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Banking on KC

Jan 4, 2023

On this episode of Banking on KC, Stan Hays, co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how the nonprofit provides comfort to those in need across the U.S. by serving BBQ in areas hit by disaster.

Tune in to discover:

  1. How the Joplin, Missouri, tornado inspired the formation of Operation BBQ Relief.
  2. The logistics involved in responding to disasters with BBQ meals.
  3. How Operation BBQ Relief promotes community—in the areas impacted by disasters as well as among their volunteers.
  4. Why Operation BBQ Relief is expanding to include services to veterans, first responders and their families.

The vision of Operation BBQ Relief is that all people involved in relief efforts during natural disasters will understand the true meaning of compassion for those who have lost possessions and loved ones and that they will further utilize their skills and abilities to better the lives of those affected.

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