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Banking on KC

Apr 28, 2021

On this episode of Banking on KC, Suzie Aron, president of Aron Real Estate, joins host Kelly Scanlon to share the story of the Crossroads Arts District revitalization and the opportunities ahead.

Tune in to learn about:

  1. What attracted Suzie to invest time, effort and dollars in the Crossroads neighborhood during the early days of its rebirth—and why she continues to be an advocate and supporter of the district.
  2. How Kansas City’s creative community rebuilt the culture of the area in a grassroots fashion.
  3. The use of PIEA tax abatements to attract arts-related tenants to the Crossroads Arts District.
  4. The Crossroads Arts District role in attracting regional tourism to Kansas City.
  5. A vision for the future of the Crossroads Arts District.

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