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Banking on KC

Apr 20, 2022

On this episode of Banking on KC, Tabitha Schmidt, CEO of Powell Gardens, joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss its expansion into regenerative agriculture and the introduction of several new events and experiences for the 2022 season. Tune in to for details about:

  1. Powell Gardens’ new cooperative agreement with Lincoln University to form the Agriculture Center for Empowerment, making the Gardens a satellite site for education, outreach and research, with a focus on agricultural initiatives.
  2. The introduction of Crillo cattle to Powell Gardens’ non-garden properties for grazing and land management practices.
  3. New events and experiences for the 2022 season, including Orchid Delirium and Fortopia.
  4. Updates on popular favorites such as Painted Garden, Festival of Butterflies, Dark Forest and Festival of Lights.

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