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Banking on KC

May 5, 2021

On this episode of Banking on KC, Roy Scott, CEO of Healthy Hip Hop, joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss how the company is using hip-hop songs to transform a generation through education and positive messaging—and aspires to be an Urban Disney.

Listen in to find out about:

  1. The pivotal moment when Roy, a former street rap artist, realized he needed to change the messages of his songs to exert a positive influence on his young son.
  2. How Roy migrated from rap performer to the educational technology market.
  3. The breakthroughs that allowed Healthy Hip Hop to expand from delivering onsite classroom performances to having a presence in classrooms across the country.
  4. How educators use Healthy Hip Hop in the classrooms.
  5. How to run a startup and raise capital at the same time.
  6. Why Roy aspires for the company to be an Urban Disney.

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