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Banking on KC

Nov 18, 2020

On this episode of Banking on KC, Jennifer Mendez, director of cultural arts at the Mattie Rhodes Center, joins host Kelly Scanlon to share how the organization has worked for 125 years to promote the well-being of Kansas City children and families through social services, behavioral health counseling, and the arts.

Tune in to find out how:

  • Mattie Rhodes is the legacy of a young woman whose dying wish was to have her savings used for community-building efforts.
  • The arts are being used to give voice to individuals and to promote wellness.
  • Food shortages in some Kansas City area neighborhoods are being addressed through the Local Foods, Local Places program.
  • Mattie Rhodes has developed partnerships with other Kansas City organizations to leverage their outreach and services and to foster multicultural awareness.
  • The new Cultural Arts Center will allow the organization to engage even more people once it opens.

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